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Please join us this Saturday, September 24th, from Maghrib to Isha for the first ever Tafseer Halaqah at Darul Arqam Institute. We will begin with the introduction to Tafseer this week insha-Allah.

Dinner will be served. This program is for both brothers and sisters. Please invite all your family and friends.

Jazaakallah khair.

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Assalaamu'alaikum Respected Darul Arqam Community Members, we pray that you are having a wonderful time in these blessed days!

insha-Allah Darul Arqam will be hosting the Eid Salaah on Monday, September 12. The Salaah will be at 8:30am sharp. Please try to attend and spread the message.

A small breakfast will be served as well.

May Allah accept all of our 'ibaadah in these blessed days. Ameen!

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